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Cost of services
30 min.*
1 hour*
2 hour*
3 hours and more*
100 €
150 €
230 €
100 € / hour
180 €
260 €
100 € /hour
+30 €
Ayia Napa, Protaras,
Nicosia, Peyia
200 €
280 €
100 € / hour
+50 €
The price includes the following:
Assistance in choosing a location for the photoshoot
Clothing recommendations to help you look your best
Access to verified contacts, such as makeup artists, stylists, decorators, etc., if needed
Transfer within the city (if applicable)
All good photos from the session will be processed.
Close-up portraits will be retouched to remove imperfections like pimples and bruises.
There is no set minimum or maximum number of photos, but on average, you can expect around 60 photos per hour of shooting.
The standard processing time for a photoshoot is 3−5 working days. If you opt for additional hours of shooting, the processing time for each additional hour is 2−3 working days.
Please note that these processing times may vary depending on the complexity of the retouching and the overall volume of the photos
Additional services
Stylist services
Make up
Hair styling
I will select the right specialist for your event / idea. From pedicure master to wedding planner.
*The cost of our professional services may vary, and we understand that each photosession is unique. We are here to help you select the right specialist and discuss the details of your photosession, including the final price.
from 120 €
from 80 €
from 35 €*
from 60 €*
from 50 €*
from 100 €*
from 120 €
from 80 €
As a photographer, I have gathered a collection of amazing locations for photo shoots in Cyprus. I have curated this collection to showcase each place in detail, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the stunning photo opportunities available. Whether you’re looking for picturesque landscapes, charming cityscapes, or hidden gems, I have carefully selected and documented these locations to inspire and guide you in choosing the perfect backdrop for your photoshoot. Let’s explore the beauty of Cyprus together and create unforgettable memories.
Locations for photo shoots
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