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Looking to make your trip to Cyprus truly unforgettable? Why not combine island exploration, a pleasant walk, and a professional photosession?
If you desire to witness the natural beauty and visit the iconic sights of Cyprus but find yourself unsure about planning the perfect route, I would be delighted to be your guide. Allow me to take you through mountain villages, breathtaking waterfalls, and stunning beaches. I will lead you along the ancient streets and introduce you to cozy taverns that embody the essence of this enchanting island.
To ensure that every highlight of your journey is captured, I will provide professional photography services, creating lasting memories of your adventures in Cyprus. Together, we can create a collection of photographs that will truly reflect the essence and beauty of your experience.
I extend a warm invitation for you to join me on a photowalk.
You seek to enrich your beach holiday in Cyprus with excursions to the most intriguing locations.
You are visiting Limassol for the first time and wish to expand your experience beyond the hotel premises.
You have already explored Cyprus and are eager to venture off the beaten path.
Left-hand traffic in Cyprus causes you stress, and you prefer the guidance of a knowledgeable local.
You want to bring back more than just selfies by having a professional mini-photoshoot.
This opportunity is ideal if:
Popular routes
I can create a personalized trip tailored to your preferences. However, I also have popular ready-made author’s routes that tourists love.
- Love story in Limassol Castle;
- The oldest street in the city;
- Graffiti square;
- Old port and Marina.
Route around Limassol
Lefkara, white stones
Trip to the mountains
Sightseeing tour of Ayia Napa
- A traditional Cypriot village famous for its lace;
- Incredible white stone landscapes with the backdrop of the blue sea - ideal places for a walk and memorable photographs.
- The flooded church;
- Lofu pomegranate village and waterfalls.

Cyprus is famous not only for the coast, but also for mountain views. On this photo walk, I will introduce you to some of the most interesting places.
- Cape Cavo Greco with stunning views of the blue lagoon;
- Church on the rock;
- Sea cave Eye of the Cyclops;
- Sculpture park and monastery in the centre of a bustling city.
Walk in Limassol
Other routes
from 120 €‎
/two hours for two people
If there are more of you (up to five people), then the additional cost is 20 euro for each additional participant.
/4 hours
from 180 €‎
The final cost depends on the city of departure, your wishes on the route and the number of participants of the photowalk.
Included in the price:
- Transfer from the hotel and to the hotel;
- Walk with a story about interesting places;
- Photos to remember your trip.
Included in the price:
- Transfer from the hotel and to the hotel;
- Walk with a story about interesting places;
- Photos to remember your trip.
During the trip, you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters and take in the magnificent scenery. To enhance your experience, I can also provide snacks and drinks, allowing you to relax and enjoy without any worries. Additionally, if you’d like, I can join you on board as a photographer, capturing precious moments for you during the yacht trip.
Would you like to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy breathtaking views of the island? I can arrange a yacht trip for you, ranging from 3 hours to a full day.
Starts from 450 €‎
The final cost of the walk depends on the number of people and the chosen route. To find out the exact cost, leave a request.
Price of the boat trip
I will help you to keep the memories of the unique moments of your life.
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